International Youth Day 2021 campaign


Register as a V-Force Volunteer at

and be part of the International Youth Day 2021(#IYD2021) Campaign.
This #IYD let's all instill the spirit of #volunteerism among your #peers, youth, and in your #community and spread #awareness about the International Youth Day on 12th August 2021 and its theme "Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health".
Some points to remember:
1. Your Identity in this program is as V-Force Volunteer.
2. Please do not design any infographic with any UN logo
3. You can only comment in this group and discuss with your peers
4. By being part of this group - You acknowledge that you have read the FAQ document on this link -
5. Lastly, spread the word.
For all existing, V-force volunteers, details will be shared soon.
Stay safe and stay tuned for more updates!!